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Pools Finally Make It to the Sims 4 via Free Update


Pools Finally Make It to the Sims 4 via Free Update

Along with everything else that EA has been adding to The Sims 4 recently, the newest feature is the addition of pools.

Using the same basic methods to build homes via Build mode, players will be able to create pools faster, easier, deeper and with all sorts of different pool types. Build your pools as luxurious as you can think and make your poolside even better with a new line of swimwear for your Sims! Go to ‘Create A Sim’ and  check out the many Swimwear Styled Looks.

The Sims 4

Customize your pools with various decorations, lights, ladders and put it anywhere in your home. Make a rooftop pool, be as exotic as you’d like!

With the pool update available now, the fear of drowning is back too! (Or at least, our Sims’ fear of drowning is back, because I know what I’m going to be doing.)  If your Sim does ‘accidentally’ suffer from Death by Drowning, you’ll still get to see their ghost, just probably not swimming in the pool.

The Sims 4

Splash around, dress up and create ridiculous pools in the newest The Sims 4 update. Various game crashes, performance issues, tuning and graphics have also been fixed in today’s update.


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