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Tale of Hearts R Screenshots Detail Spiria


Tale of Hearts R Screenshots Detail Spiria

Namco Bandai has treated RPG fans to some new screenshots from Tale of Hearts R. These new screens feature Spiria, a person’s essence that controls their soul. The explanation for Spiria is uh . . . a bit of a convoluted mess – the stuff that JRPGs revel in. Here’s Bandai’s description:

When players embark on their adventure with the story’s main character, Kor Meteor, they will discover that a wide-spread epidemic called Despir has affected entire towns, and the only solution is for a Somatic such as Kor to purify their Spiria Core.

Kor must perform a Spiria Link to gain access to their Spiria Nexus, a maze made entirely of a person’s Spiria that will appear as an eerily beautiful dreamscape. However, adventurers beware! The Spiria Nexus will be filled with many enemies known as Xerom, which are harmful, Spiria-devouring infestations resulting from an errant Spiria Core.

In short, it seems players will be able to enter a person’s Spiria Nexus, a manifestation of a person’s Spiria, that they can then navigate to stop the corruption spread by this so-called “Despir.” The pictures below show the main character navigating a hazy crystalline labyrinth while fighting the Xerom detailed above.

Tale of Hearts R will reach North American and European shores next week.

Thanks to RPG  Site for the screenshots.


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