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Take A Look At Overwatch, Blizzard’s Wild New FPS


Take A Look At Overwatch, Blizzard’s Wild New FPS

Still my heart! The new Overwatch trailer was just launched at BlizCon, and if you aren’t paying attention yet, why not?

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s newest franchise, and their take on the FPS genre. The game will feature 6v6 combat with a diverse set of stylized character, similar to how many MOBAs put a strong emphasis on the personality of their cast of battle-ready fighters. All characters will have a variety of abilities that allow them a range of tactical options in battle: from the expected tank roles in the ape-like Winston, to a sniper in Widowmaker, to scouting/ganking courtesy of Tracer, among many other options. It was also announced that this is a reworked version of the PVP portions of Titan, Blizard’s cancelled MMO. It’s great news that Blizzard found a way to salvage some of that material they lost in their previous project, and given the context of these trailers, everyone will be better off for Blizzard’s effort in bridging that loss into a new game.

We can potentially also put forward a nomination for best trailer of the year. Obviously trailers are never a reflection of the game itself. But it’s hard to resist getting excited with a truly cinematic experience bottled into five minutes that clearly draws inspiration from animated movies like Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph. Blizzard has also provided a gameplay trailer, and while the gun-play  and combat featured definitely looks intriguing, the public should also be mindful that the trailer comes catered and highly-edited, and as much as it’s easy to get wrapped up in hype, folks should be patient and mindful before making snap judgments on how fun the game will actually be.

All skepticism aside, Overwatch looks incredibly promising. The colour palette is bright and gorgeous and the characters are diverse and expectedly quirky in a style very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. This is definitely a game to be keeping tabs on during development as Overwatch nears a beta release-date currently set some time in 2015.

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