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Steins Gate Gets a Best Edition and Lower Price


Steins Gate Gets a Best Edition and Lower Price

Steins Gate Gets a New Low $30 Price Tag

The intelligent and incredible visual novel Steins Gate got some good news recently. For either the physical copy of the game or a digital download, gamers who want to try what might be the greatest visual novel to hit the West in 2014 only have to drop $30.

Steins Gate is a sci-fi interactive story game set in the current day and age in Akihabara, Japan. With heavy pseudoscience and time travel themes, it’s branching stories and character-driven action make it a game on par with any adventure game to be released currently. Featuring incredible art and a top-notch localization by JASTUSA, this 30-50 hour game is a steal for its quality and content.

steins gate best edition

Steins Gate was localized earlier this year by visual novel publisher JASTUSA. One of the most compelling games of the year, Steins Gate stands beside other story-based games such as those from Telltale Games. Utilizing the branching narrative and choice systems common to visual novels such as 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and Danganronpa 2, Steins Gate is just enough of an interactive experience to qualify as a video game.

Its popularity was so great that its original run on the Xbox360 (Japan only) led to ports to the PC, PSP, PS3, iOS, and Android platforms. An anime adaptation was also created and subsequently localized for Western audiences. Once it hit the West, the critical praise of the game only continued. If you never thought of trying a visual novel, Steins Gate is your perfect gateway drug.

You can purchase the game in a digital or physical version here! And DRM-free to boot!

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