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Before You Start Dragon Age Inquisition, You Need to Watch This Video First


Before You Start Dragon Age Inquisition, You Need to Watch This Video First

Dragon Age Inquisition is out in mere hours, and before you get started on your journey, there’s a little something you should take care of first.

Dragon Age Keep is the name of a nifty web-based tool that lets you import your choices from the previous Dragon Age games. You do this by following the “Tapestry” and going over every decision your Warden and your Hawke have made in the course of their adventures. On its own this is super cool, and a great way to fix the issue of importing saves from last-generation consoles.

But there’s one aspect of Dragon Age Keep that has been mostly overlooked. After making all your choices and saving them to your Dragon Age Inquisition world state, you can watch a video that will go over all your choices. It’s the perfect primer for before you play the game, and will make sure you come into the third Dragon Age with as much history in mind as possible.

To get the video to play, login to Dragon Age Keep using your Origin account.

dragon age keep 1

After making all your choices, click the little globe in the top-right corner to bring up the sidebar.

dragon age inquisition

Then, after saving your choices to your default DA:I world state, click the play button shown and enjoy.

The video is expertly narrated by master-storyteller Verric (who is also a companion in Inquisition). This video is a great primer for the game, and it even allows you to change up any decisions during it. If you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II recently, it’s basically required viewing.

Who else is super excited for Dragon Age Inquisition? In just a few short hours we’ll finally get to return to Thedas, and I’m chomping at the bit. Let me know in the comments below what kind of decisions you made your Warden and your Hawk choose! Have fun!

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