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Sony Pulls Promblematic Vita Ad


Sony Pulls Promblematic Vita Ad

Sony just can’t catch seem to understand what “subtlety”  means when it comes to advertising for their fledgling handheld system, the PS Vita.

Sony pulled an ad today that was supposed to show off the Remote Play feature included in PS4s, Vitas, and select Xperia smartphones. The result is an embarrassingly 90’s ploy to attract gamers via sex appeal. This time, a sexy doctor is here to accuse us of too much “personal time” before revealing she was talking about gaming all along. Oh, you sure had me going there sexy lady doctor! Me and my pervy mind were thoroughly misled! [/sarcasm]

This is the second weird ad tying the PS Vita to odd, hetero-normative sexuality, with the header image being another pulled Vita ad showing off a mutant, multi-breasted nightmare woman. Meant to advertise the dual touch capabilities, the French ad instead decided to make real some creepy nightmare fetish monster instead, sinning against god in the process.

You can see the pulled ad below:

[The Verge: Sony’s pulled PS Vita ad is embarrassing for everyone]

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