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PSN Co-Op Games Sale Begins Today


PSN Co-Op Games Sale Begins Today

The holidays are usually that time where, if you’re the only person in your household who plays video games, you realize that you may be lacking in things in the local co-op area. Sure, all the cool kids are playing games online with their friends because hanging out IRL is for old people and losers, but there’s not as much satisfaction to be gained like playing a game side by side with a friend like when you were a kid. Online play can’t really compare to the feeling of joy you get sitting with your buddy side by side and working together to beat that really annoying boss.

Sony is doing their part this holiday season by having a sale on co-op games that just so happens to start today. Regular PSN members can get co-op games such as Borderlands 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Lego The Hobbit, Resogun, Rayman Origins and plenty of others for up to 65% off their of regular price. PS+ members will get up to 80% off, so if you’re such a member and have been holding off on buying Dark Souls II, you can grab it for $19.59. The offer ends next week on December 1, and if you spend $100 in the PS Store, you get $15 in your digital wallet later.

[via Playstation Blog]

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