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PS4 Update 2.01 to Address Rest Mode Issue


PS4 Update 2.01 to Address Rest Mode Issue

The PS4’s latest update 2.00, otherwise known as Masamune, came with some issues that seemingly bricked the system itself. The new Rest Mode, for instance, caused some PS4s to lock up whenever users selected it.

Thankfully, Sony has been made aware of this issue and has announced that they will address this problem in a PS4 system software update 2.01. The official PlayStation Twitter account sent out a tweet stating that the update will be coming soon, though a specific release date was not announced.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy all the features that update 2.00 has brought to the PS4. Just be careful not to put your console into Rest Mode while you’re running a game, or you might risk losing your data.

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