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PS Plus Lineup for November Assures a Lot of Fun


PS Plus Lineup for November Assures a Lot of Fun

This will be a busy November for the video games industry and as usual, PS Plus will add to this delightful blessing that is having lots of games to play. Today Sony officially announced the latest PS Plus lineup and it even includes a fresh release.

PlayStation 4 owners are already able to enjoy The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a remake of the beloved indie game in a whole new engine, on its actual release date. Additionally, PS4 subscribers also get Steamworld Dig, a platform mining adventure game. Both titles are also available for the PS Vita via cross buy,

For PlayStation 3, this month’s PS Plus offers turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse Prime and the action-packed Luftrausers. The latter title is available for PS Vita as well.

PS Vita also got some of the gaming love: survival-humor game Escape Plan (also available for PS4) and zombie-filled The Hungry Horde are the stellar free games for Sony’s portable console.

Let’s just say it: no amount of games is ever enough. Be sure to grab your free games before they expire. Remember, even if you don’t have the time to play it or the right console, just getting it in your download queue will future proof you as long as you are still subscribed.

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