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PlayStation Vue is Sony’s New Cloud-Based TV Service


PlayStation Vue is Sony’s New Cloud-Based TV Service

Sony have announced their own cloud-based TV service in PlayStation Vue. It will allow users to watch shows usually exclusive to satellite and cable services live or on-demand.

PlayStation Vue will offer multiple features in it services at a “fair and competitive” price. If there’s a show you’ve just simply missed then all content will be archived for 3 days and available on-demand with no need to schedule a recording or show your interest prior to the initial showing. Should there a particular show you want to schedule however you’ll be able to ‘favorite’ episodes of that series and watch them up to 28 days after their initial airing without the need to worry about storage since everything will be stored on the cloud.

Like almost every service similar to it, like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, PlayStation Vue will recommend other shows or movies you might like based upon your own watching habits.

As far as pricing goes Sony have yet to reveal any specific details. They have however revealed that PlayStation Vue will run on a month-to-month billing basis with no cancellation penalties, perfect for those of us who shy away from signing up to contractual agreements. The only cost will be that of owning a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and whatever they finally decide their fair price will be.

While PlayStation Vue is pencilled in to come to all territories, there are no details yet on what that will include for UK residents or indeed those of other countries. North American users however can already take in the fact that they’ll be able to view channels like NBC, CBS and Fox through the service.

A beta for selected users (both on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4) is in the pipeline to hit this month.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House said “This is an opportunity, in my view, to fulfill a longer goal of transforming what was in the past a dedicated game device into a proper entertainment hub.” During the interview he also talks about how PlayStation Vue is part of Sony’s drive to make the PlayStation brand more appealing to a broader spectrum of users than just gamers.

PlayStation Vue is expected to come out across a wide range of territories in the first quarter of 2015. It will initially roll out on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 but will later be available on other Sony and non-Sony devices.


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