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Nintendo Is Throwing amiibos in Your Loot Crates


Nintendo Is Throwing amiibos in Your Loot Crates

In a special subscription service that will run through the holiday, people that sign up for the amiibo crates will get 10 pre-selected amiibos scattered into three special crates through the holidays. You have to sign up for the waiting list right now, and Lootcrate will email once the deal is open to the public. Having never signed up for Lootcrate (I’m not a fan of having a bunch of stuff lying around) it appears I’ll have no choice but to take advantage of the sweetass deal that will no doubt come. How much would they charge total? Around $15 is their regular monthly price. Whatever it ends up costing, I’m sure it will be a hell of a deal, considering the amiibo figures run for around $13.

I want Fox in my life. I wonder if I can just tell them to give me 10 Fox figures.

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