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Mount and Blade Sale – Get It While It’s Hot


Mount and Blade Sale – Get It While It’s Hot

Mount and Blade Sale at will be offering Mount and Blade for free for the next 14 hours.

*snap snap* Hey! Wake up! Mount and Blade, the hit medieval fantasy action RPG, is free! Free! You log in to, click the ‘Get for Free’ button, and bam! It’s yours! offers a host of great games, and is a fantastic platform for older titles. And if you like DRM-free games, this is even more of a no-brainer.

Seriously, get there now and buy it. The offer is good for only 14 more hours, and Mount and Blade is a fantastic action RPG. If you’ve ever loved games like Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization, and Skyrim, Mount and Blade is a game for you. Combining castle building, kingdom management, politics, diplomacy and, of course, war, Mount and Blade has it all.

mount and blade

Complete with first-person or third-person combat, a slew of NPC’s, and a Civilization-esque kingdom management, Mount and Blade combines a ton of gameplay elements into one awesome package. With two more games and DLC to flesh the series out, this medieval game has an incredible amount of possible styles of gameplay. Will you play the brigand? Ally yourself with a local lord? Or perhaps take the throne yourself? Anything is possible.

Plus, the entire franchise and DLC are on a super sale! Buy all three at once for only $10, or complete your collection by grabbing them individually for 60% off! It’s not often gamers get deals like this, even on older games, so jump on this one now while you still can!

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