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Matchmaking Chat Incoming, Iron Banner Returning to Destiny


Matchmaking Chat Incoming, Iron Banner Returning to Destiny

If you don’t have your best weapons and armor fully upgraded, you better get to it.

Developer Bungie announced in its weekly blog post — which will now post each Thursday instead of Friday — that the Iron Banner is returning to Destiny soon enough. The exact date wasn’t disclosed but Bungie is planning for Lord Saladin’s return sometime late next week.

“Lord Saladin is poised for a return to the Tower. This time, his reappearance will be intentional. After a surprise ambush during what was supposed to be his sabbatical, we sent him packing again. More work was left to be done to realize his new potential.
“Some of that work happened today during a planned maintenance window. If the next Destiny Updates stick their landing, we’ll light his shield again very soon. You’ll be invited to approach his altar of war and glory by the end of next week, if all goes well.”
In addition, Bungie also announced improved chat functionality to be implemented on Monday, Nov. 17.
“This (update) will contain a Beta test for a new feature that will let you access a voice channel shared by the players you meet via Matchmaking.
“In summary: Navigation mode will connect you with willing allies on your side of a matchmade conflict — be it against man or beast. If they want to talk to you, the path will now exist. The question becomes: Will they choose it?”
The Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible event where armor and weapon buffs are turned on. In normal Crucible matches, specific upgrades are allowed (like say that larger clip upgrade for your scout rifle), while damage from weapons and armor defense is balanced among all players.
Simply put, equip your best armor that raises your defense the most, and equip your best weapons that do the most damage.
Lord Saladin has Iron Banner bounties, shaders, emblems, weapons and armor that guardians can buy with glimmer once their Iron Banner rank is high enough.
To read Bungie’s blog post in its entirety, click here.

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