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Massively Multiplayer Earth-Orbiting Space Crashing Game ‘Voar’ is Must Play


Massively Multiplayer Earth-Orbiting Space Crashing Game ‘Voar’ is Must Play

If you’ve got a few minutes on your hands, there is a new space-sim you’ve got to try. Ok, maybe sim is a strong word.

Voar is an online game where you fly a little ship around a planet, trying to get the highest score you can–all while trying not to crash. The controls sound simple: One click increases your trajectory. That’s it.

In spite of the one-button controls, this game is anything but easy. With countless other ships zipping around, it’s only a matter of time before you end in a fire ball of death. But worry not, as you can retry as many times as you want. The hook? If you manage to be the highest scorer, you get your name in big bold letters at the top of game.

Pro-Tip: Mashing the button on liftoff will shoot your ship away from the planet like a rocket. Any hapless fools who happen to be in your flight path will have their Icarus moment ended as soon as it has begun. According to Wiktionary, the word “voar” means “to fly”, “to pass rapidly” and also “to blow up”. They literally could not have come up with a more clever name. Brilliant.

Voar is free-to-play in the most literal sense, so check it out here!

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