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How to Make Quick Cash in Grand Theft Auto V


How to Make Quick Cash in Grand Theft Auto V

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Bust a Van

grand theft auto V

A pastime which took a little too long to be introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online is still worth plenty of money in the single player portion of Grand Theft Auto V. That pastime? Blowing the doors off armored vehicles and taking the sweet honey from within. It is a pretty random event but when one comes around there is almost no excuse for passing up on the opportunity to make a quick few thousand dollars.

Early in Grand Theft Auto V, when you’re struggling to scrape together enough money for a haircut the prospect of breaking open the doors of a heavily armored vehicle can be a little daunting. Not impossible however, just daunting. Before you obtain sticky bombs use a semi-automatic weapon (the Micro-SMG should do the trick) and concentrate all of your fire at the center of its rear doors. It can take a while but the goods will be yours. When you do have sticky bombs, just dive up behind the van and lob your explosive onto the rear doors.

This isn’t exactly the most legal of activities to engage in, however. As a result, when you start wailing on the van the police will be notified while two armed guards get out of the van to dish out their own brand of rough justice.

When you grab the hunk of cash though you’ll be sat with a fairly easy $3,000-$8,000. Whether it’s worth the cost of ammunition and sticky bombs is your choice.

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