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League of Legends Players Being Rewarded for Positive Behavior


League of Legends Players Being Rewarded for Positive Behavior

League of Legends is famous for being one of the biggest games in the world, but also for being one of the most toxic. If you venture into the ranked game system within LoL, you might find yourself bombarded with hateful insults and overall negativity. On the other hand, you might find a team that is supportive and helpful, and wants you to succeed. Riot has decided that along with punishing the hateful players, they should be rewarding the positive ones.

According to a post by Riot Lyte on the League of Legends boards earlier today, any players who haven’t been chat restricted or had their accounts suspended during the 2014 season will be receiving a 4-win IP boost. The boost will be distributed over the next week to all eligible players, but not all at once given the sheer volume of people receiving it. In addition to the announcement on rewards, Lyte went on to share some heartening statistics on player behavior. As of November 13, 2014, 95% of active players in 2014 haven’t received any kind of punishment. He also emphasized that severe toxicity resulting in 14-day bans and permabans are limited to 1% of players.

If you have any chat logs to share with Riot that display positivity within League of Legends, feel free to head over to the original post by Lyte. What do you think about Riot’s efforts to showcase positivity within the community? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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