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Meloncats’ Future in League of Legends Is Looking Shaky


Meloncats’ Future in League of Legends Is Looking Shaky

On League of Legend‘s European website, a post was dropped today in regards to the player evaluation of Meloncats’ Swedish top laner, Olof “Flaxxish” Medin. Flaxxish has purportedly violated the League of Legends‘ Summoner’s Code almost non-stop over his past three months of individual play with 41% of his games reported for Verbal Harassment or Negative Attitude. His team, Meloncats (an obvious nod to longstanding European League of Legends team Lemondogs), were formed in early October and after climbing ranked 5’s ladder were slated to play in the upcoming European Expansion Tournament for a potential shot at one of the two openings in the League Championship Series.

He has since been deemed unfit for professional play by  Section 9.2.9 of the official Expansion Tournament rule set.

“A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the SET to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.”

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Meloncats’ hopefully temporary logo.

His ban from professional competitive play will last until the end of the 2015 Spring Split.

Rules of the League of Legends Expansion Tournament prevent any substitutes for qualified ranked teams other than those who were previously involved and signed to the team. Meloncats consists of  Flaxxish, Gilius (notably former jungler of Unicorns of Love and current SK Prime substitute), Abaria, Cryke, and Dioud and have had no listed substitute players in their line up.

Fortunately, coaches are allowed to sub in and Meloncats will play Cyber Factory with Andreas “shadjEAh” Pullitzky on November 22nd as scheduled, according to Gilius’ Twitter.

This isn’t the first time that Riot has handed out strict bans during important tournaments. Most recently involving SK Gaming’s jungler Svenskeren‘s perceived racism during his stint playing in servers of Taiwan. He received a three game ban preventing from participating in the first half of games of Group Stages at this past year’s Worlds. Despite controversy, Riot has never stepped away from their decisions and hopefully will continue to enforce the rules regardless of player position or importance.

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