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10 Crazy League of Legends Splash Art Transformations


10 Crazy League of Legends Splash Art Transformations

Annie, the Dark Child

One of the first six champions to be designed, Annie (and Tibbers) have grown a lot over the years. How Tibbers manages to somehow get fiercer while becoming fluffier is yet a mystery.

Ashe, the Frost Archer


Ashe has always been our pale ice princess, except for that brief middle-period of spray tan experimentation.

Kayle, the Judicator

Morgana’s righteous sister has been slowly collecting feathers over the years, until she became the lovely Renaissance painting she is today.

Morgana, Fallen Angel

Morgana, too, has been upping her feather game over time. The fierce wing rivalry between these two sisters must one day come to a head with an epic pinion battle.

Soraka, the Starchild

Soraka’s orignal splash arts were much more goat-ly than her current form, but we’re glad to see her legs a little more comprehensively placed.

Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Katarina’s updated splash includes a more visible bellybutton, shinier clothes, and of course, the inexplicable lightning that strikes every time an assassin jumps into the air.

Twisted Fate, the Card Master

Twisted Fate’s suave has remained completely untouched.

Tryndamere, the Barbarian King

The original Tryndamere splash art is a loved memory shared by the LoL community. He introduced to us the phenomenon of mysteriously truncated arms. In fact, Tryndamere over the years is but a collage of royal arm transformations.

 Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

Unbeknownst to many League players, Gangplank used to sport a luscious black beard and glowing red eye. He was also 90% chest hair. Rumor has it he’s released the hair kraken into the ocean to plague unwary Bilgewater sailors.

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut

Sion’s update is a recent one, but there’s no denying his massive makeover. He’s spectacularly less green, his left arm is no longer degloved, and sadly, he’s stopped emanating lost souls.

On the other hand, his new splash art puts you in the perspective of a fallen soldier, begging for mercy from the heartless executioner. He’s also sporting a trendy little head flag.

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