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Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leak, Reveal Microtransactions?


Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leak, Reveal Microtransactions?

According to Xbox Underground, four screenshots of an as-of-yet unannounced Just Cause 3 have been released. You can see all four of them above.

The screenshots show off the kind of massive open world we have come to expect from the Just Cause series. That mountain shot appears to be a small glimpse at the kind of world we can expect. And the action shots hint at the insane action the Just Cause series is famous for. But of most interest to me is the fourth image, of a purchasing menu. Is it possible that those diamond like things are in-game currency? Yes. But that image screams microtransactions to me – because what purpose would simply renting an item be?

Just Cause 3 has not been confirmed by Avalanche or Square Enix. These images were captured from an Xbox One, according to the source.



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