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Just Cause 3 Promises a World With “Virtually Zero Limits”


Just Cause 3 Promises a World With “Virtually Zero Limits”

Revealed on this month’s coming Game Informer cover story, Just Cause 3 is a hot commodity in the gaming industry. The second Just Cause game was widely hailed as a masterpiece of action carnage. Any sequel was going to cause excitement, and hype trains are hardly derailed by talk of a virtually zero limits in the world.

That’s not the press exaggerating – that’s straight from Just Cause 3‘s Steam page. Along with that promise is the general gist of the story; Rico Rodriguez roars into the the Mediterranean dictatorship of Medici to overthrow General Di Ravello. So, you know, the bog standard Just Cause excuse plot for maximum carnage. The Steam page goes on to highlight new elements such as base jumping, dozens of vehicles, and the tantalizing prospect of using that amazing grappling hook/parachute combo in a metropolitan city.

Just Cause 3 has no release date other than 2015, and will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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