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Iron Banner 2.0 Reforged Everything You Need to Know


Iron Banner 2.0 Reforged Everything You Need to Know

The second version of Destiny’s Iron Banner is live today. While the original disappointed many by not exactly living up to the bill as far as gear playing a difference, Bungie is claiming that this time around things will be different.  

Here at Twinfinite, we want you to be as successful as possible in this second iteration of the Iron Banner. We’ve written two PvP guides that should help you on your quest towards obtaining all the rewards and emerging victorious. One is a general PvP guide on simple tips every Crucible player needs to be aware of. The other is an Iron Banner guide written when Lord Saladin’s first made his visit to the Crucible. 

Now that you’ve read those other two guides, without further ado let’s run down of everything that’s different this time around and how it will effect you.

The Rewards Don’t Suck


The rewards from the first Iron Banner kind of sucked. With many players nearly capped out with raid gear, releasing lower end gear was kind of pointless. This time around though, you can receive gauntlets and boots that are equal in light to raid gear and exotics. Pretty sweet.

Even sweeter is that you can actually re-roll your weapons that you receive from Lord Saladin for a cost (motes of lights). Don’t like what perks your new gun has? Take a chance and have it re-rolled. Just don’t upgrade it until you know you like it as re-rolling will erase all of your upgrades.

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