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The New Humble Bundle is Overflowing with Great Games


The New Humble Bundle is Overflowing with Great Games

Got a couple spare dollars and want some great games? The new Humble Bundle, the “Humble Jumbo Bundle 3” was released today, and it features a huge variety in excellent gaming.

The first game to really pop-out to me is Always Sometimes Monsters, a highly unique RPG that truly tells a story, rather than relying on combat, loot, and level ups. Also featured is another four-pack of games for Insurgency, the source-mod follow-up where you and friends capture and kill a bunch of dudes. This is an awesome trend in Humble Bundles, continued from the Risk of Rain four-pack of yester-bundles.

Always Sometimes Monsters

In my opinion, this game makes this Humble Bundle worth it on its own.

An interesting caveat to this week’s bundle: Included is Mojo Rampage, a voodoo-inspired dual-joystick roguelike. In order to access the game, you have to give away one of your copies of Insurgency. Weird, but an awesome way to encourage sharing (what are you going to do with four keys anyway?)

As is often the case, this bundle features a third-tier of games, this time including the anything-goes open-world romp that is Saints Row IV. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s easily worth the $12. If any of these games are to your liking, check out the Humble Bundle here. If they’re not, maybe buy a bundle and gift it to a friend?

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