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Far Cry 4 Guide: How to Easily Hunt and Skin for Crafting


Far Cry 4 Guide: How to Easily Hunt and Skin for Crafting

Are you finding it really annoying to hunt down some of the animals you need for crafting in Far Cry 4? Going to their general area can be frustrating as they’re not always going to be around. Not to mention what a pain some of the tougher ones can be to fight head on.


If you’re finding it frustrating to craft and want to be cheap (like I was), there’s a really easy and quick way to hunt the carnivores you’re looking for. Follow these instructions exactly and you might be able to pull yourself a Bengal Tiger, a Bear, man, at least a Snow Leopard!

  1. Make sure you have bait.
  2. Check the map and mark the general location of the carnivorous animal you’re looking for with the waypoint.
  3. Head over to that area and toss one of your bait pieces.
  4. Wait a little bit and pop whatever appears in the face.
  5. Skin and repeat.

I found that tossing it in an area where the animal you need doesn’t usually reside will just lead to any random encounters (a Snow Leopard randomly appeared for me once). This is still a pretty good deal if you’re missing a ton of the ingredients, but if you’re looking for a specific animal, make sure to head to the area the map tells you is their usual home. Bring a shotgun for extra swiftness.




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