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How to Make a Successful AAA Game in 2014


How to Make a Successful AAA Game in 2014

Have you ever wanted to make a video game, but you don’t want the douchiness and lack of disposable income that comes with being an indie developer? Why not make the jump to being a AAA developer? You get to be owned by a publisher, meet crazy deadlines, receive death threats, and have the risk of a lack of job security that’s almost as safe as playing Russian Roulette with your reflection! But wait! You’re not sure where to start in your new venture of becoming AAA? Well, here are some handy tips!

Combine Elements from Other Games


There’s nothing original these days, let’s face it. Some of the best games this year are just merges of other games or properties. Tomb Raider is influenced by Uncharted, Shadow of Mordor is basically Assassin’s Creed: Arkham of the Rings, and Destiny may as well be called World of Halo: Mass Borderlands. Why not join the ranks?

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