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GTA: San Andreas Steam Update Breaks Saves and Removes Tracks


GTA: San Andreas Steam Update Breaks Saves and Removes Tracks

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ HD re-release on Xbox Live may have commemorated the 10 year anniversary of this much-loved title, but the recent update to its Steam release has caused more harm than good to some players.

In addition to the loss of 17 tracks across the San Andreas soundtrack, most likely due to licensing issues, players are reporting that some of their save files are no longer working. Players have also reported that several resolutions – including 1920 x 1080 – are no longer available. This has lead many fans to believe that Rockstar simply updated an older version of the game rather than taking into account changes that had been made since release.

Whatever is a Grand Theft Auto player to do when they’ve lost their favorite resolution and are no unable to use their save files I hear you ask. That’s simple. Do what many fans of Dark Souls on PC had to do and rely upon a fan-made patch to rectify the issues.

Dubbed SilentPatch due to its creation by forum member Silent, the community-created workaround fixes both the disappearance of resolutions in San Andreas and allows some of those unusable save files to take life once again.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ most recent patch did add something many have been clamoring for though. It brought about the arrival of Xbox 360 pad support to this PC port.

Do you think it was worth the possibility of losing some save games in order to use a standard controller with the title? Have you yourself had any problems with your PC copy of San Andreas since the patch landed? Maybe you don’t really give a damn because you’re playing the updated Xbox 360 version? Let us know in that little comments box down below.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available on Steam right now for £9.99/$14.99.

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