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GTA 5 Gets Enhanced First-Person Mode and 4k Support for PC Version


GTA 5 Gets Enhanced First-Person Mode and 4k Support for PC Version

Expectations are really high concerning the GTA 5 next-gen version and speculation has been all over the internet. Is it going to be as good as we all imagine? Is the PC version going to be the best one because of the modding capabilities? Well, we have some clues about all of this: according to CVG’s latest hands-on, we can rest assured some of our dreams will come true.

The next-gen GTA 5 will have a lot of additional content, among which there’s a huge one: a first-person camera. According to CVG’s preview, this is not a mere addition of a new point of view from the character’s head; it actually includes a rework on the game’s engine. A notion of how amazing this option will be can be instantly acquired by knowing there are new animations and a redesign of objects and vehicles’ interiors. Even better news is that first-person will also be available online.

On the visual side, there’s also good news for computer gamers. GTA 5’s PC version will have 4k support, which is really incredible (given you have enough hardware to pull it off).

Besides very welcome graphics enhancements, additional content also includes over 100 extra tracks, over 20 forms of wildlife and a new lighting engine. GTA 5 is coming and there’s nothing casual about it.

The wait is almost over and I’m very confident about this title. The illustrious next-gen is still missing a completely 100% full next-gen experience and Rockstar may very well be the one to deliver it. It’s no small thing and the Grand Theft Auto series surely deserves having this chance.

GTA V will be available for Xbox One, and PS4 on November 18th. PC gamers will have to wait until January 27th, 2015.

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