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G4 Goes Bye-Bye November 30


G4 Goes Bye-Bye November 30


Oh, G4, how far you’ve fallen. You were a great channel that provided video game cheats, tech info, game reviews, and so much more. You stopped producing original programming back in 2012 and rebranded into the Esquire network, but that didn’t last long and you quickly started airing reruns of old shows. Now, The Know confirms that you’re officially going off the air for good on November 30. We’ll always have those great X-Play segments such as Bob and SteveSpoiler Theater, and X-Play Investigates. And of course, your devotion to classic shows such as Cheaters, Lost, Heroes, and Cops.

Did you watch a lot of G4? What was your favorite show, or did you watch it only when San Diego Comic-Con and E3 rolled around? Let us know in the comments below.

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