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Former Disgaea Dev Has New Game


Former Disgaea Dev Has New Game

With 6 days to go, a new, old-school RPG reached its $60k funding goal on Kickstarter.

Plantago Games put their latest project Soul Knights up for funding to not “make just another boring F2P game.”

Plantago is not just your run-of-the-mill developer either. Toshihiko Kojima is Soul Knight’s director and art director. He served as game development manager at NIS, Inc. He’s worked on Makai Kingdom and many iterations of Disgaea over multiple platforms.

Behind Kojima is Hayato Kose who worked at Square Enix for nearly 6 years and worked largely on Final Fantasy 13 and 14.

Another big name involved with Plantago is Hirosho Kato, who’s the developer’s background designer. He worked on two anime classics, Oh My Goddes! and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

With its initial funding of $60,000 accomplished, Soul Knights will bring the vibrant world of strategy, turn-based RPGs to Android and iOS. For those familiar with Disgaea, they’ll be right at home with Soul Knights, which puts party members and enemies on separate 4×3 grids.

At its stretch goals of $250,000 and $500,000, Soul Knights will head to the PC and later the PS4 and Vita.

To see more about this mobile RPG that wants to break the F2P mold, check out its Kickstarter page.

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