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Final Fantasy Type-0 May Become a Series


Final Fantasy Type-0 May Become a Series

If there’s one thing Square Enix loves, it’s a good (er, maybe sometimes not-so-good) spin-off. It seems Final Fantasy Type-0 may not be an exception. Final Fantasy Type-0 director, Hajime Tabata, mentioned that he wants to make the game into an entire series.

Tabata hopes to use the Type-0 universe to experiment with ideas that don’t traditionally fit into the main Final Fantasy series. He stated, “I’d like to make the Type series the kind of series where we can do the kind of stuff that we really can’t do in the mainline numbered series, so make it a really alternative kind of Final Fantasy.”

As JRPGs struggle to adapt to the demands of modern gamers, perhaps a series that’s not afraid to flex its creative muscle will be a welcome thing. We might find out sooner or later, as it seems Square Enix has already registered trademarks for a Final Fantasy Type-0 series.

Tabata also noted that the Type-0 team considered releasing an international edition of the game. Because the game did not have an original Western release, however, the idea was eventually scrapped.


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