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Final Fantasy Explorers Light to Hit the 3DS eShop This Week


Final Fantasy Explorers Light to Hit the 3DS eShop This Week

Final Fantasy Explorers Light, which is a free demo version of the upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers from Square Enix, will hit the Japanese 3DS eShop on 14 November.

The Light version will allow players to play through the early parts of the game, including the prologue as well as the chance to face two boss monsters. Final Fantasy Explorers Light will also support both online and local multiplayer on the 3DS and the ability to carry over Gil, items, and abilities. Square Enix has stated that the demo will take players approximately 2 hours to get through.

Final Fantasy Explorers is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on 18 December, though there’s still no word on whether the game will get an English release. You can check out our hands-on impressions of the game from Tokyo Game Show 2014 here.

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