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Far Cry 4 Map Leaked Online


Far Cry 4 Map Leaked Online

The days and weeks before any game’s launch are often a messy avalanche of leaks. Far Cry 4 is no different it would seem, as a leaked image of the map has allegedly been leaked onto the Internet (and shown below).

farcry 4

It does look a little bit small but that’s not helped by the fact we don’t actually know the scale to which this map is created. Well over 20 different outposts are displayed upon this map across the 6 color-coded areas. These colors relate to the climate within each area. This climate apparently ranges from farmlands to the expected coniferous forests that so many future Far Cry 4 players have been looking forward to exploring.

An extensive list of the species on display through Far Cry 4 is also visible. Of course we all want to see the rampaging Elephants and Yaks. Having said that, I’m rather more interested in how the elusive and dangerous Honey Badger will be portrayed in Ubisoft’s latest entry in this first person shooter series.

It wouldn’t be outside the realms of reasonable speculation to see the King’s Bridge (situated in the center of the map) as being a possible link between two locations. This would be in keeping with the precedent set by Far Cry 3 which spread the open-world action across two different islands.

Without any further reference points it is rather hard to figure out much else in terms of scale but one could assume that the blackened areas around the map are the borders which stand in your way, making the area quite a closed-in affair. How this will be done in Far Cry 4 remains to be seen.

Does the map for Far Cry 4 look a little small to you or has it got you even more excited than before about travelling around this who new region? Let us know in the comments down below.

Source: Imgur

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