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The ‘Totally Real’ Reason Why Far Cry 4’s PC Reviews Are Delayed


The ‘Totally Real’ Reason Why Far Cry 4’s PC Reviews Are Delayed

Leading up to its release on Tuesday November 18th, review codes for the PC version of Far Cry 4 are being held back by Ubisoft. An official statement has been circulated saying that a ‘title update’ is taking place, making the game unavailable until Monday. Twinfinite has however learned that there is another reason for it; according to an anonymous source within Ubisoft, this delay (along with their other issues in 2014) is actually the result of autocorrect gone horribly wrong.

In an Email sent from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot regarding functionality of its DRM, his iPad accidentally autocorrected ‘Uplay’ to ‘Wii U’. This error resulted in Far Cry 4‘s development team removing an extensive number of assets and modes, and replacing them with charming character models and adorably colorful puzzle-platforming sections.

Far cry 4

Since catching the error, Ubisoft has been hard at work restoring Far Cry 4 to its intended vision. According to our source, there were suspicions that perhaps things had gone awry. “In hindsight, it actually explains a lot” he said. “At E3 last year, I ran into (Nintendo of America President) Reggie Fils-Aime and told him how excited I was to bring Far Cry 4 to the Wii U. He just stared at me the whole time…well, I guess now I know why, haha…This is all off the record, right?”

Ubisoft has pledged to have Far Cry 4 up and running as quickly as possible on PC, as soon as the team can figure out how to log into Uplay.

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