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Far Cry 4 Fails and Glitches That Will Crack You Up


Far Cry 4 Fails and Glitches That Will Crack You Up

Kshaway is a popular youtuber who usually makes videos about the hit MOBA, League of Legends, but recently, he has decided to take up a different approach and show us his time in Ubisoft’s new game, Far Cry 4. He already has another much smaller video about Far Cry 4 up that I felt was worth mentioning. You can see that here.

He found a few of the bugs/glitches in the game that he thought were funny and showcases them to us in this video. Some of these clips aren’t quite glitches, but are still hilarious all the same. From magic boxes to rhinos flipping cars, this video highlights some of the most lighthearted and entertaining gameplay of Far Cry 4, not to say that the game isn’t good or enticing at all without them, of course. The bugs are just funny to see and they let you take a step back from the serious mood and see what is going on right in front of you.

Just like in this video, bugs and funny moments can be found in nearly all games and are nice to watch and laugh at when they do rear their heads.

Be sure to check out his Youtube channel for more videos.


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