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Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Comes to NA in December


Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Comes to NA in December

Arc System Works’ next game, Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy will be coming to North American Playstation Vitas next month via the Playstation Network.

The story follows 12 years after a mysterious invader race called the “Decoders” come and turns the world into a monstrous habitat. Four heroes come forward to try and finally end the Decoders’ tyranny. It’s a simple fantasy plot, but some of the features in Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy as listed by Arc System Works’ will be sure to have RPG junkies rejoice including:

  • Choose one of four heroes to save the world, each featuring a different playstyle: slashing, wrestling, shooting, or punching with giant robot fists!
  • Enhance or remodel weapons to create deadly combinations.
  • Fully voice-acted heroes, supporting comrades, and enemies come to life as the story unfolds
  • Complete your party with up to 4 player local co-op
  • Explore the world further with new missions available as DLC.
  • Re-color your characters with Character Color Packs DLC, including colors inspired by Guilty Gear and BlazBlue

Check out the trailer above, or visit Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy’s official site.

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