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5 Things the Evolve Alpha Did Incredibly Well


5 Things the Evolve Alpha Did Incredibly Well

Characters Are Balanced Well

Evolve Hunters

[Note: this is part 1 of our look at the Evolve alpha. Make sure you check out part 2 to see the things that Evolve should still improve upon before it launches in February.]

There’s no question that Evolve is an asymmetrical shooter designed to force different players to play different goals in pursuit of a common goal. However, if there is one risk asymmetrical multiplayer games always run, it is character imbalance. Despite the risk, Turtle Rock Studios has achieved an impressive sense of balance between and among its multiple characters.

With Evolve, there is no sense that playing as any individual class is better than playing as another. All the available classes wreak massive havoc in their own individual ways, and no class is any more essential than any other. In short, no matter what class you select, you will play a critical role in the team. Just as you won’t be able to succeed without the skills and assistance of your teammates, they will not be able to succeed without you. The Assault class may be the one doing the brunt of the damage, but you can bet all his brute force is meaningless without his teammates keeping him alive and healthy.

And while the Monster doesn’t exactly do much in the way of teamwork, it doesn’t feel overpowered in the slightest. Powerful, without a doubt, but you likely won’t enter a match as a Monster any more confident than you would if you walked in as one of the Hunters. Props to you, Turtle Rock, you already nailed what is likely the element most important in Evolve.

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