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EV-30 Tumbler Legendary Sparrow Now Available in Destiny


EV-30 Tumbler Legendary Sparrow Now Available in Destiny

Are you a huge fan Bungie’s new mega AAA game, Destiny? So much so that you already pre-purchased the expansion pass? Then when you log in after this week’s reset you’re going to have a new toy to play around with. Meet the EV-30 Tumbler. A legendary sparrow for those that want to channel their inner Peppy and barrel roll the night away.

Fans that pre-purchase the expansion pass can login and receive their brand new sparrow from the postmaster in the Tower. If you haven’t yet, but still want to and grab the expansion pass and the EV-30 Tumbler, there’s still hope. Having tried it myself, I can confirm that you can pre-purchase the expansion now and still receive the gift.

All of that being said, I’ve seen some unconfirmed reports of people having problems receiving the gift. If you are signed on for the expansion pass already and still haven’t received the EV-30 Tumbler, let us know in the comments.


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