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Far Cry 4 Guide: How to Survive


Far Cry 4 Guide: How to Survive

Auto-craft Healing Syringes

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Very early on in the game, you’re going to find yourself struggling with enemy soldiers and the vicious wildlife of Kyrat. You only have two health bars, and healing syringes go for 10,000 Rupees a pop. Thankfully, there’s a pretty handy way to get around the health restoration problem in Far Cry 4.

Under the Elephant skill tree, there is a skill called Harvester. This skill allows you to take twice as many leaves from each plant you harvest and it costs only one measly skill point. This means that you’ll be able to get two green leaves from each green plant you find along the way and this will allow Ajay to automatically craft a healing syringe and put it in your inventory. The Harvester skill is a good and cheap method of ensuring that you have a steady supply of healing syringes for the duration of the game.

Some other good skills to get along with Harvester are Capable Strength, which grants you an additional health slot, and Healing Syringe Level 2, which allows healing syringes to restore three slots of health.

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