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Driveclub Ignition Expansion Pack Trailer Released


Driveclub Ignition Expansion Pack Trailer Released

Evolution Studios released a trailer yesterday for a new Driveclub expansion titled “Ignition”. The developer is offering the DLC free of charge for anyone who bought the full game as an apology for a rocky launch and the issues that followed.

The Ignition pack is part of Evolution’s previously stated promise that all premium DLC for the month of November will be free. The trailer showcases some of the Ignition pack’s vehicle offerings which include a Caterham SP/ 300.R, a BMW M4, a W Motors Lykan Hypersport, a KTM X-BOW R, and a Renault Twinrun.

Evolution emphasized in a Facebook post that they’re still committed to resolving the ongoing server issues that people have been having. “Thanks again for your support while we continue to improve server performance and get all of the online features running smoothly.”

The Driveclub Ignition pack is set to release on the PlayStation Store as a free download sometime next week.


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