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Dragon Age’s 10 Best Character Moments


Dragon Age’s 10 Best Character Moments

There are many reasons to love Dragon Age. Perhaps one of the biggest lies in the small details buried in the game. BioWare is well known for its excellent character development. This is in large part aided by the party banter that you chance upon in your adventures. In celebration of Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s impending release this week, here are 10 of the best banter moments from the first two Dragon Age games.

Leliana tries to chip away at Shale’s stony exterior.

Shale: Why does the bard stare at me so?
Leliana: I was thinking about writing a song about you. “The Statue with the Heart of Gold”… or something like that.
Shale: It thinks my heart is made of gold? It is stone, as anything else. Cold stone.
Leliana: I meant that you had… a good heart. It seems to be that you do.
Shale: And they call this having a “heart of gold?” Why?
Leliana: Uh… because gold is precious and shiny and… a good heart is just as valuable?
Shale: Shiny.
Leliana: In a manner of speaking.
Shale: My heart does not qualify as shiny. I kill. Frequently, and not without pleasure.
Leliana: You had a difficult life. Deep down, at the center of your being, you are a good person. I believe that.
Shale: Even though I have never demonstrated this aspect? How peculiar.
Leliana: You aren’t all stone, Shale. There is a person inside of you.
Shale: If so, it is because I ate it.

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