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Why Dragon Age: Inquisition Definitely Won’t Disappoint You


Why Dragon Age: Inquisition Definitely Won’t Disappoint You

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Many people want to believe in BioWare. They’re just not sure if they can. Although BioWare is still one of the most highly regarded game developers in the industry today, they’ve had their share of setbacks in recent years.

Dragon Age 2 was initially a critical success, but as time passed people grew tired with the repetitive environments and simplified battle system. That’s not to say it was necessarily a bad game, but many folks were nonetheless disappointed in DA2 as a follow up to Dragon Age: Origins. Gamers’ faith in BioWare was again tested after the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco.

In the aftermath of all of this, Dragon Age: Inquisition is quickly approaching. The hype is building, but some are worried that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be yet another disappointment. While some of the doom and gloom may be warranted, there are a few reasons to suggest that we won’t be disappointed come November 18th.

Although BioWare is now owned by one of the biggest publishers in North America, they have a pretty good track record when it comes to interacting with fans and considering user feedback. While not always perfect, it’s not a stretch to say that BioWare actively listens to complaints.

After the outrage over the Mass Effect 3 ending, BioWare tried it’s hardest to ensure fans that they were listening and trying to sort through the outcry. Days later they announced the extended cut DLC to give more closure to fans. They did this in a timely manner, for free, while standing by their own artistic visions. Not everyone agreed that the extended cut was enough, and it’s a bit sad that it even needed to happen in the first place. Still, BioWare listened, and following such a huge controversy in the industry, hopefully they now know to learn from past mistakes.


Although the original Mass Effect saga is over for now, Dragon Age still has hope for a satisfying conclusion. During Dragon Age: Inquisition’s development cycle, the team have made efforts to show how they are implementing elements into Inquisition that many people complained were lacking in Dragon Age 2. We were treated to screenshots and videos showing off the rich variety of environments we’d be free to explore – a welcome assurance that recycled dungeons and environments would no longer be a problem.

After more details on Dragon Age: Inquisition were revealed, fans grew concerned over the lack of healing spells in the game. BioWare took care to write two elaborate forum posts, giving ample details on how the game’s combat system made up for this, and following up to answer other questions the series’ fans had.

BioWare has always taken care to be open with its fans and make good on the promises it makes when people aren’t entirely satisfied. They aren’t blind to the complaints slung at them in the past, which holds promise for their future work.

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