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Dragon Age Inquisition Guide Beginner Tips & Tricks


Dragon Age Inquisition Guide Beginner Tips & Tricks

Define the Roles in Your Party

Dragon Age Inquisition Tips & Tricks

One of Dragon Age Inquisition’s trailers said players would have to unleash the full power of their parties in order to succeed in the game. While this may be a relative statement, there is definitely more fun in using all the resources a well balanced party can offer. In the first stages of Dragon Age: Inquisition party options are pretty scarce and that’s when getting the most out of each character is vital. That’s why this beginner tip is some important.

Since you are “stuck” with Cassandra, Solas and Varric, the best way to get things done is to understand what exactly are their true roles and how you can exploit that to your advantage.

This also means you should avoid using the automatic level-up feature and select personally which skills each of your characters should have.

Even though it’s pretty obvious to experienced players, it’s worth mentioning Cassandra is a tank, Varric is focused on damage and Solas is, at least initially, a buffer. All your skill choices will be most effective when enhancing these roles which are really useful in the first missions of the game.

The rest is up to your own character. Repeating roles can be a waste at this time and might even become a disadvantage; you can respec your character later on, when you have more companion options available.

The most effective way to achieve victory is to make a damage-focused character. While Cassandra entertains enemies with the help of Solas’ buffs, a rogue or warrior can team-up with Varric to eliminate enemies as quick as possible.

To make this work, a warrior must have a high-damage spec. If using a rogue, get skills that add to critical damage and threat reduction and try to focus on characters attacking your companions so the bonuses are activated.

Finally, if you are using a mage, AoE spells are exceptionally good since Cassandra will often be surrounded by enemies.

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