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Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Play Rogue


Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Play Rogue

Begin as a Melee Rogue

Ranged rogues are pretty cool, not as badass as the dual-wielding melee ones, but they do their job. The thing is Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn’t give players a lot of party options on the first hours. This means you are stuck with Cassandra, Solas and Varric.

Since variety is key during combat, having two similar ranged characters isn’t as useful as having an additional option with different skills. A melee rogue can poison enemies, hunt down archers and mages, use traps, and hastily help weaker party members. Additionally, having a close combat oriented character will also help you move around easily, especially when trying to close rifts.

Don’t worry about skills. You can always respec your character later if you are still willing to become an archer or simply want to try a different build.

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