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Dominate The Crucible in Destiny With These 5 Simple Tips


Dominate The Crucible in Destiny With These 5 Simple Tips

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Is the crucible in Destiny getting you down? Are you a RPG convert struggling in the fast paced FPS world?  Or maybe you’re trying to purchase some better gear to get your light up. Whatever your reason is, if you want to keep that K/D ratio high and help your team win consistently, you’re going to have to go back to the basics. Let’s get right to it. 

Pairing the Right Weapons Together


Achieving harmony between your three weapon slots is crucial to success when your first starting out in the crucible. Sure the best players can use whatever they want, but when your learning the ropes you need to strike a logical balance.

Start by picking your best weapon type. If you try and force a weapon (perhaps a shiny new exotic) on yourself just because you perceive it to be the best, you’re going to struggle. Whether it’s primary or secondary, focus on what you’re most comfortable with.

After that, pick a second weapon in your opposing slot that best compliments the first weapon you picked. For example, a scout and a fusion rifle pair nicely together due to their ability to succeed at all ranges. Auto rifles and shotguns also work well together. Advance with the auto rifle until you’re close enough to where the shotgun becomes more effective. Whatever you choose, just have some sound logic behind your choice.

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