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Distance is a Racing Game that Looks Like Tron


Distance is a Racing Game that Looks Like Tron

Rarely do I get excited for early access games. I’m not a fan of buying into games that aren’t finished. This may be the time I make an exception.

Distance is a racing game which will be releasing in early access on December 9th. And let’s get the obvious out of the way: this is insanely beautiful. Using the extremely bright neon colour palette of Tron, this game is a raver’s dream. Everything is bright and flashy, which lends itself perfectly to the high-speed, twitch based motions.

We should always be skeptical of highly edited trailers, especially for games in beta. But there seem to be a diverse array of mechanics in Distance, including: crashing and objects that can rip your car apart in a sweet digitized slashing, flying sections of the racing tracks, and 3-D mobility portions of the which combine the flying with upward/downward motions. The game will also be synced up with the Steam workshop, highlighting a level-builder, which will guarantee some insanely bonkers racetracks.

How any of this will work once the game is released is yet to be seen. But for now, let’s take in the beauty of Distance. Because this is bafflingly pretty.

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