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These 4 Things Need to Change for Destiny 2


These 4 Things Need to Change for Destiny 2

Fix the Story

Ironing out the story is the most obvious change developer Bungie needs to make in a hypothetical Destiny sequel. The first installment is already a commercial success, boasting 9.5 million users playing an average of three hours per day according to Bungie’s official blog. But it has faced its fair share of criticism and several less-than-stellar reviews, many of which cite its lackluster story. Next time around in “Destiny 2” (or whatever Bungie calls it), things need to be clarified.

In Destiny, you are an elite Guardian that is resurrected and accompanied by a “Ghost,” voiced by an uninterested Peter Dinklage. You then set out on a quest to help the mysterious and silent “Traveler” and defeat the “Darkness.” But we know little to nothing about who or what the Traveler is (looks like a mini-moon), where it and the Darkness came from, or why they’re at war with each other. Basically, the Traveler is light and therefore good. And the Darkness is, well … dark. And therefore bad.

A better explanation of what’s going on with this story that isn’t hidden away in a mobile app needs to be a priority the next time around. Oh, and don’t forget the ability to skip cutscenes. No one likes watching the queen’s tool brother with that emo haircut be a jerk for the 15th time. Once was enough.

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