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Destiny’s Dark Below Opening Cinematic Leaked


Destiny’s Dark Below Opening Cinematic Leaked

Through what he is calling an error, YouTube user Mr Jester6598 captured the opening cinematic for Destiny’s upcoming DLC “The Dark Below.” This latest leak comes into view after a long line of other information found pertaining to “The Dark Below,” where players accessed parts of the new DLC already present in Destiny.

Check out the opening below, or feel free to wait until the DLC is released.

We get a better look at the mythical Crota, who appears in much of Destiny’s lore on the Moon. Crota serves as one of the centerpieces for “The Dark Below.” Included with the more defined story role of Crota and the Hive’s presence on the Moon, players will get to experience a new 6-man raid, a new cooperative strike on Earth’s Cosmodrome zone. The level cap will also be increased to a Light level of 32, up from the previous cap of 30. Bungie added a wealth of new gear that melds the look of the Hive with the current look of the weapons found in the game. On top of the new raid and strike are new story missions and quests, which will gel nicely with the newly increased bounty limit.

“The Dark Below” comes out December 9 and is $19.99, if you haven’t purchased the season pass.

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