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Demolition Simulator Only Demolishes Sanity – Simulation Nation


Demolition Simulator Only Demolishes Sanity – Simulation Nation

Ever wondered what happens when you put a poorly made simulator in the same room as a rather easily-angered British man? The video above will answer that surprisingly precise question pretty quickly as I try to play Demolition Simulator without murdering everyone in a 3 block radius.

It’s actually part of a new series that’s going to be rolling around on Twinfinite for the foreseeable future called Simulation Nation where I, James Knack, am sat in front of some of the best and worst simulation titles to be born from the world of games development. There are of course going to be good times but this time with Demolition Simulator is frankly pretty damn bad. Often simulation games can be a little hard to get into. Usually there is a little gem of happiness hiding somewhere beneath all of the rough. Even with explosives and a wrecking ball though, I struggled to find it anywhere.

Don’t believe me? Well watch that video above and see for yourself. Demolition Simulator does have a few interesting ideas but they’re so rare it is barely funny. Oh yeah and it keeps on freaking dinging to the point where throwing things out of a window starts to sound like a sane idea. I’m not going to sit here and just say these things but up above there’s some pretty infallible evidence of the lack of shine. I mean come on, there was a wrecking ball that broke so hard my face almost exploded!

Have you got any suggestions for other simulators which could make for interesting viewing on Simulation Nation? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Twinfinite’s YouTube channel while you’re here too. We’ve got a bunch of content coming up. Some of it’s new, some of it has been there all along, and some is being reborn.

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