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Crazy Legend of Zelda Sword Made in Real Life


Crazy Legend of Zelda Sword Made in Real Life

Majora’s Mask is often hailed as one of the most strange, most dark, and most unique Legend of Zelda games in the franchise. And it’s hard to argue that when Majora’s Mask goes to some really creepy places with its apocalyptic storyline. But for those old-school completionists, we know the real fun was in the final battle on the Moon against Majora itself.


If you collected all 24 non-transformable masks in Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, you could take them to the Lunar Children when you travel to the Moon. After using these masks as a price of admission to some challenging mini-dungeons, you can earn yourself access to the Fierce Deity Mask (originally called the Oni Mask in the Japanese release). Dawning this transforms our plucky, young hero into a demonic version of himself, with a white tunic and hair, and of course, bearing a tremendous double-helix sword. Not only does this beast of a blade have a huge range, it also has the ability to fire beams of energy, making your defeat of the final boss infinitely easier. This bonus for the highly dedicated players of the classic N64 game is still highly regarded as awesome as hell, as noted by Fierce Deity Link’s cameo appearance in the Super Smash Brother games as an alternate costume.

The cool guys over at Man at Arms, a blacksmithing Youtube series that recreates sweet video game and other nerd-adjacent armaments, have recreated the Fierce Deity blade in full glory. As usual, they show the entire process of the smithing of the complexly designed blade. And yes, of course they break open some pots filled with rupees once the blade is complete.


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