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Capcom Wants to Prioritize New IP


Capcom Wants to Prioritize New IP

Capcom recently held a Q&A session to discuss earnings and future business endeavors. Capcom emphasized the importance of developing new IPs. At the Q&A panel, Capcom noted, “We allocate about 20% of our investments each fiscal year to intellectual property and are constantly working on developing new property.” Rather than creating a smash one hit wonder, the Japanese company is looking to build an IP that can develop over time. This could bring in new customers with the release of each progressive title.

Capcom has also been considering developing new IPs for rapidly developing markets in Southeast Asia, South America, and elsewhere. As Capcom has begun to introduce the wildly popular Monster Hunter series into China, the company seeks to extend its reach and bring new games to emerging economies where a huge new audience could be waiting.

Thanks, Hardcore Gamer.

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