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Bloodborne Needs to Steal These 4 Ideas From Dark Souls


Bloodborne Needs to Steal These 4 Ideas From Dark Souls

Overall Difficulty

Everybody knows the Souls games are difficult. This is a central part of the game and without it things wouldn’t be the same: the game’s difficulty doesn’t only affect how the game is supposed to be played, but also the emotional rewards players get from it.

As far as could be seen (and tested), Bloodborne is pretty hard. Despite having a friendlier checkpoint system and the inclusion of firearms, the lack of shields and the frequently large amounts of enemies are enough to create quite a fearsome challenge.


Bloodborne seems to have several undead-like mobs ready for the killing.

This isn’t enough, though; being a hard game is just half of it. From Software has already shown how a video game’s difficulty can be turned into something else than just a way of killing players and increasing the hours spent playing. Dark Souls‘s challenging ways can even be thought of as part of the story and this should also be one of Bloodborne’s features.

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